About Us






FeFe Cosmetics Offers Cruelty Free Make-Up that believes Feminine Energy is For Everyone.

Founded in 2019 by Co-Founder and CEO Felicia Carroll. FeFe Cosmetics believes make-up is about more than looking good and feeling beautiful: It is a powerful form of self-expression capable of telling your story without ever speaking a word. Inspired by the wonders of divine femininity, our mission is simple: To transcend stereotypes, gender roles, and social divides through the self-expression of make-up. 

Feminine vitality lives within us. We create make-up that celebrates our feminine divinity while protecting our planet from the rigors of harsh chemicals and harmful practices.

Energy is a shared experience. We offer an array of opulent make-up products that ignite your spirit as you walk through the world with purpose, confidence, while spreading your energy and inspiring others along the way.

Make-up is more than something we wear as an expression of ourselves. It is a transformative and powerful form of purpose and self-love.

Everyone deserves to tell their story and be who they want to be without judgment or shame. Our complete line of make-up celebrates humanity and diversity – with no exceptions.

Our goal is to offer beautifully formulated make-up at an affordable price. Fromour rich pigmented shadows and blushes to our exuberant face products, we are proud to provide premium lip, face, and eye products that has been carefully formulated using quality vetted ingredients that are free from any harsh chemicals or additives. We also pride ourselves as an animal free testing company.


Striving to create eco-friendly, vegan, gluten-free and paraben-free sustainable make-up products that do more than simply empower and inspire our clients. Please join us and shop our makeup collections and be sure to share#fefecosmetics for a chance to be featured on our social channels.

I’m excited to have you join me on this journey ahead.

With all my love,