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Reinventing Beauty For All

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Our Co-Founder & CEO

“Without strategy execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”

Working in the education industry for years, Felicia has met all kinds of individuals and traveled globally; hence, she has sharpened her vision to embrace diversity and female empowerment. Felicia draws inspiration from her educational background, a strong commitment to excellence, and willingness to learn, and infuses it with her fearlessness and determination to create an exceptional and high-quality cosmetics range. As Felicia is an advocate for the diversity and individuality of women, Fefe’s cosmetics offer products that encourage positive affirmation and bring daily positivity into women’s lives no matter what their appearance or skin tone is. 

Diversity At Core

Fefe’s beauty philosophy is rooted in a vision to start a make-up line that would celebrate diversity. For Fefe, beauty is diverse, this is an era where women can control their own destiny, wear the makeup that they like and really enjoy it without pressure. Fefe appreciates different skin tones, different personalities, different styles, different cultures, but shares the same interest in respecting women’s choice and embracing a positive impact on society. Rather than just calling out a brand for diversity, Fefe conducts various innovations and researches to come up with high-quality products containing scientifically-advanced formulas and revolutionary textures. With this revolution in the product range, Fefe provides a holistic experience for customers by answering the needs of all women in all shades. In this way, Fefe can encourage women to live their life to the fullest as they do not need to imitate anybody but live true to themselves. By feeling confident and comfortable, women can express themselves to the world and make changes for their peers as well as other people. This is not only the happy feeling when wearing the right makeup but women can feel the gut to live their life.

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Social Responsibility

All Fefe products are vegan and cruelty-free. Felicia has been committed to eliminating all animal testing during the production process of Fefe. Fefe ensures all products do not contain parabens and the founder has set up internal standards as well as established protocols for suppliers to navigate all partners in line with the philosophy the company has created. For Fefe, real beauty happens when beautiful women can bring positive changes to the world. 

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